ONYX was established in 2006 as one affiliated company of the Al Masri Trading Group established in 1980, acting in the trading domain, in various fields including the ONYX building materials. It was established to be one of the pioneer companies in the market of the building materials (ceramics, porcelain, mosaic, bath tubs, kitchen ovens, sinks etc….) it provided them to all the residential, trading and industrial projects, all the goods are of a very high quality level, with a wide variety of models, and speed in delivery.


Our mission is develop our work and services in a continuous manner to provide the highest level of good quality .

We always studied the effective solutions to develop our work and reach the best prices to decrease the cost for our clients.

We always seek to go forward continuously, to prosper. We understood the requirements of our customers and thus developed our relation with them.

We have a very interesting milieu at work with our working force, the administration and experts in our field to insure that the company is working efficiently and successfully.

We appreciate the partnership we have built all over the years with our clients, employees and providers.